Managing money with Walmart MoneyCard

Move your money with the Walmart MoneyCard

Manage & move your money with Walmart MoneyCardTM

Move your money with ease using the Walmart MoneyCard.

You’ve got to love the age of digital money. Never has it been so easy to pay bills or buy a fancy coffee or split a restaurant check with friends — all it takes is a click of your mouse or a tap of your finger.

Managing your money, too, has gotten more convenient in the digital age. But moving your money between financial institutions isn’t always as straightforward as it could be, and that’s where the Walmart MoneyCard can help. We make it easy to transfer money to or from another card or linked bank account, pay bills online, and manage your money right in our app.

  • Move your money with ease. Once you link your bank accounts with your Walmart MoneyCard, moving funds from one place to another is easy. Bank transfers1 take three (3) business days after account verification. Need to transfer funds from a savings account at your credit union to a checking account at a different bank? You can do it all right from our mobile app… and there’s no fee!

  • Pay your bills. Set up payees in your Walmart MoneyCard account. Go to Bill Pay & People, then select Bill Pay to pay utilities, phone bills, and other recurring bills at no cost.2

  • Manage money on your MoneyCard app. You can deposit checks, monitor your balance, pay bills, and transfer money all right within our app. Need to deposit a check? Take a pic of it from your app & see your money deposited into your account free of charge within 5 business days! Want to add cash to your Walmart MoneyCard account? You can make a cash deposit using our app at Walmart stores. Select “Deposit cash" & show the barcode at the register.3 It’s that simple! You can also check your balance history at any time and so much more! Plus, find out ways to protect your money right within your app here.

Embrace the age of digital money with confidence. To learn more about the many ways that Walmart MoneyCard can help, visit