Keep your goals for the new year alive

Keep your goals for the new year alive

How are those resolutions holding up?

Every new year feels like a blank slate, a chance to do things better or to try something new. This year feels like a fresher start than usual. One of the most popular resolutions people make involves better money management.

Forming new financial habits can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. All it takes is a sensible approach — and the right tools.

Building a flexible budget that works

Your budget can really be tailored to meet your needs. Choosing the right budgeting method for your situation will make it more likely to work for you long-term.

For example:

  • A fixed budget may work if your paychecks come at regular intervals and in the same amount.
  • A flexible budget may work if your income isn’t predictable — like service industries, where tips account for much of your pay.

Often, most people find their comfort zone somewhere between the extremes.

Using the right tools to manage your budget

Utilizing the power of your bank is another tool to help you manage your budget. Your bank likely offers direct deposit and automatic bill payment, allowing you to take care of fixed expenses automatically.

However, there may be more tools available to you. Your bank account should have:

  • Low or no monthly fee1
  • Convenient ways to track expenses whether online or via mobile app
  • Deposit cash or checks on the go—with Walmart MoneyCard you can add cash2 or deposit checks2 anytime you are at a Walmart
  • Text alerts including direct deposit notification, low balance notifications 3
  • Savings feature—preferably with a higher than the national average on interest
  • Optional overdraft protection up to $200 with opt-in and eligible direct deposit4
  • Bonus, for rewards that suit your lifestyle—with the Walmart MoneyCard you earn up to 3% cash back5 when you shop at

You should feel like you have control of your money and can manage those surprise expenses.

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