Fee Plan

Walmart Moneycard

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Get started

Card purchase $1.00

This is a one-time fee for the purchase of a Card at a Walmart store. This fee is collected at the register and is not deducted from your Card account. This fee will not be reflected in any transaction histories.

Monthly usage

Monthly fee $5.94

Monthly fee is waived when you receive one or more direct deposits of payroll or government benefits totaling $500 or more to your primary deposit account in the previous monthly statement period. Family Accounts do not incur a separate monthly fee and any direct deposits to a Family Account do not count for purposes of qualifying for a monthly fee waiver. If you purchase an account starter package with a limited-use starter card at a Walmart store, your first monthly fee will be assessed upon the earlier of: (i) the first use of your limited-use starter card; or (ii) the day after you register your Account. If you sign up for your Account online (without having purchased a limited-use starter card at a Walmart store), your first monthly fee will be assessed on the day after you activate the personalized card you receive in the mail. If you received a card in the mail on an unsolicited basis, your first monthly fee will be assessed on the day after you first deposit funds to your primary deposit account. In each case, subsequent monthly fees, unless waived, will be assessed on the same day each month. Each monthly fee period begins the day your monthly fee is assessed and ends the day before your next monthly fee is to be assessed. If you purchase a limited-use starter card at a Walmart store and do not use or register the card, your first monthly fee will be assessed beginning 90 days after the date you purchased the limited-use starter card and each month thereafter.

Add money

Cash deposit fee $3 with card at Walmart registers
Free using the app at Walmart
Other locations up to $5.95

This fee varies by retailers. The fee for cash deposit through a Walmart store is $3.00. This fee is not deducted from your primary deposit account and will not be reflected in any Account statements or transaction histories. For cash deposit locations, please visit www.attheregister.com.

Walmart check cashing + Reload $0

No fee is deducted from your primary deposit account when proceeds from checks cashed at Walmart stores are added to your Card account. Walmart check cashing fees will apply. Available at participating Walmart stores only. Not available in all states.

Get cash

ATM withdrawal $2.50

This is our fee. You may also be charged a fee by the ATM operator, even if you do not complete a transaction.

Withdrawal at Walmart stores $0

You may withdraw cash without a fee at Walmart MoneyCenters and Customer Service desks.

Teller cash withdrawal $2.50

This is our fee for a cash withdrawal via a teller at a participating bank.


Overdraft fee $15

Overdraft Protection is an optional service that is only available if you opt in and satisfy the eligibility requirements. There is no fee for transactions less than $10. A $15 fee may apply for each transaction that is greater than $5 and overdraws your primary deposit account by more than $10. You can incur a maximum of ten overdraft fees per monthly statement period. See Deposit Account Agreement for more information on eligibility.


ATM balance inquiry $0.50

This is our fee. You may also be charged a fee by the ATM operator, even if you do not complete a transaction.

Using your card outside the U.S.

Foreign transaction fee 3%

Of the U.S. dollar amount of each transaction.


Paper checks $5.95

For a pack of 12 checks.

Card replacement (regular delivery) $3.00

Per lost, stolen, or damaged Card replaced on a non-expedited basis (generally within 7-10 business days).

Card replacement (expedited delivery) $15.00

Fee charged each time you request a replacement Card to be delivered to you on an expedited basis (generally within 3 business days). Charged in addition to the Card replacement fee for regular delivery.

Must be 18 or older to purchase a Walmart MoneyCard. Activation requires online access and identity verification (including SSN) to open an account. Mobile or email verification and mobile app are required to access all features.

Cash Back: Cash back, up to $75 per year, is credited to card balance at end of reward year and is subject to successful activation and other eligibility requirements. Redeem rewards using our website or app. You will earn cash back of three percent (3%) on qualifying purchases made at Walmart.com and in the Walmart app using your card or your card number, two percent (2.00%) at Walmart fuel stations, and one percent (1%) on qualifying purchases at Walmart stores in the United States (less returns and credits) posted to your Card during each reward year. Grocery delivery and pickup purchases made on Walmart.com or the Walmart app earn 1%. For the purposes of cash back rewards, a "reward year" is twelve (12) monthly periods in which you have paid your monthly fee or had it waived. See account agreement for details.​

Overdraft protection: Opt-in required. $15 fee may apply to each eligible purchase transaction that brings your account negative. Balance must be brought to at least $0 within 24 hours of authorization of the first transaction that overdraws your account to avoid the fee. We require immediate payment of each overdraft and overdraft fee. Overdrafts paid at our discretion, and we do not guarantee that we will authorize and pay any transaction. Learn more about overdraft protection.  

Direct Deposit: Early availability of direct deposit depends on timing of payroll's payment instructions and fraud prevention restrictions may apply. As such, the availability or timing of early direct deposit may vary from pay period to pay period. Make sure the name and social security number on file with your employer or benefits provider matches what's on your Walmart MoneyCard account exactly. We will not be able to deposit your payment if we are unable to match recipients. 

High Yield Savings Account: Interest is paid annually on each enrollment anniversary based on the average daily balance of the prior 365 days, up to a maximum balance of $1,000, if the account is in good standing and has a positive balance. 2.00% Annual Percentage Yield may change at any time before or after account is opened. Annual Percentage Yields are accurate as of 7/23/21.

Family Accounts: Activated, personalized card required. Other fees apply to the additional account. Family members age 13 years and over are eligible. Limit 4 cards per account. See Deposit Account Agreement for details.