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How do I dispute a transaction?​

Important: If you have an issue related to the delivery, quality, or safety of goods/services purchased, you must resolve your dispute directly with the merchant.       ​

If you have a dispute unrelated to the issues above, please give us a call at 877-937-4098, or fill out the Transaction Dispute Form. If you are unable use the form, write to us directly and be sure to include:​

  • Your name and account number​
  • The amount and date of the disputed transaction(s)​
  • Information about the merchant, including their name and address​
  • The reason you dispute the transaction​

To help in our investigation, please also provide copies of any applicable documentation:​

  • Receipts or invoices (sales receipts, refund receipts, ATM receipts, etc.)​
  • Emails, letters, or call details that you’ve had with the merchant about the transaction(s)​
  • Written requests to cancel or stop the transaction(s)​
  • Any other additional information that may be helpful in assisting with your dispute​

Your form or letter should be mailed to:​

Green Dot Corporation​
ATTN: Disputes​
P.O. Box 9
West Chester, OH 45071

To report a lost, compromised, or stolen card, or request a card replacement, give us a call at 877-937-4098. Please note if you are reporting unauthorized activity, the cancellation of your card and the issuance of a new one may be required. ​

Please see your Cardholder Agreement or Deposit Account Agreement for more information.

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